Prof. Seth Sunday Ajayi (NNOM)

Professor Ajayi's contributions, nationally and internationally, have enhanced intellectual and scientific approaches to wildlife conservation and training, not only in Nigeria, but throughout Africa.

At the national level, Professor Ajayi was team leader of an expert group, which produced the Action Plan for Conservation of all renewable natural resources in Nigeria. He was also project leader at the National Science and Technology Development Agency of a research project on studies dealing with the domestication and control of wildlife species and their importance in food production and public health.

He was Chairman of the Publicity Sub-Committee of the National Wildlife Conservation Committee and Chairman of the Committee of Wildlife Specialists on the Development of Lake Kainji National Park and representative on the National Wildlife Conservation Committee at the University.

In 1980, while he was a lecturer in the Department of Forest Resources Management at the University of Ibadan, he fought relentlessly for the creation of a separate Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Management and, subsequently, became the pioneer head of the new department (1981 to 1988). As a result, the Federal and State Governments have given greater attention and support to wildlife conservation in Nigeria.