Prof. Pius Nwabuifo Charles Okigbo (NNOM)

DR. PIUS NWABUIFO CHARLES OKIGBO C.O.N., a very eminent and dynamic Nigerian economist, was born on 6th February 1924 in Ojoto, near Onitsha. His has been a life of outstanding Scholarship and public service, a symbol of the single minded pursuit of excellence in his chosen field of economics. He continues to be a source of inspiration to the young, Educated and disciplined minds. He succeeded in reconciling the demands of rigorous scholarship with service to his country. In him the concepts of the man of ideas and the man of action have met in a harmonious synthesis. Dr. Pius Okigbo, as he is popularly known, obtained B.A.B.Sc. (Eons) and L L. B (London) by private study. He then proceeded to North Western University where he got M.A. and Ph.D. in economics. He was a post-doctoral fellow of the American Philosophical Society in Oxford. His life-time Pursuit of economics was appropriately rewarded in 1982 by the award of Doctor of Science by the University of London.