Prof. Dr. Effiong Etukudo Ibok (NNOM)

Dr Effiong Etukudo Ibok had his Secondary School and Higher School education at Methodist Boys’ High School, Oron, and Hope Waddell Training Institution, Calabar respectively. He obtained a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1977, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from the world acclaimed Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey in 1979 and 1981 respectively. His working career has mostly with Advanced Micro Devices Sunnyvale, California between 1984 and 2003 and The Travis Business Group Inc., Sunnyvale, California from 2003 to present. Dr Ibok has about 30 years of Practical experience in various technology fields including integrated circuits, chemical synthesis, fuels, alternative energy and Wireless technology. He has led multiple technology teams and directed many globally dispersed technical teams. He has also had many years of technology transfer to facilities and engineers in the United States, Japan and Germany. He is a prolific inventor with 60 granted US patents and seven pending US patent applications. He also has 30 publications and presentations. He has achieved breakthrough research in multiple disciplines with publications and patents cited globally by other experts as forming the foundation for several of their inventions and publications. The inventions captured in some of his most recent patent applications have the potential for transforming electricity from an infrastructure intensive utility to a commodity decoupled from any particular generation and transmission infrastructure; and transportable from any part of the world to the other. They will also have the added benefit of enabling a more rapid rollout of electric vehicles by decoupling them from electricity grid, thereby moving automobile transportation away from being a fossil-fuel intensive and dependent mode of transportation. Additionally, in some applications, even the woman in some remote village will be able to generate whatever electricity she needs for her own use during her normal daily routines.