Prof. Chukwuedu Nwokolo (NNOM) 1921-2014

Chukwuedu Nathaniel II Nwokolo (19 April 1921 – 18 May 2014) was an internationally distinguished tropical diseases, nutrition, human, medical, biological and life sciences expert; plus research scientist, scholar, pioneer medical doctor, author, humanitarian and acclaimed professor of medicine. He was Nigerian, and is listed in the Who's Who in Nigeria series by Newswatch. Nwokolo was outstandingly recognised worldwide for discovering and mapping out the area of paragonimiasis lung disease in Eastern Nigeria, with a study of the disease in Africa and clinical research for its control. Nwokolo founded SICREP: Sickle Cell Research Programme to effectively fight the disease in Nigeria and globally.

Nwokolo was a yaws eradication, mass vaccinations and lung disease consultant plus advisor for the Geneva: Switzerland headquartered WHO: World Health Organization. From 1963 to 1964, he was a Rockefeller Foundation fellow in gastroenterology at the University of Minnesota. He was honoured in 1964 with the Edinburgh: Scotland "Free Man of the City" award and "Key to the City of Edinburgh," having been inducted as a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He was a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, fellow of the Nigerian Postgraduate Medical College: FMCP, fellow of the West African College of Physicians: FWACP, and fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science.