Prof. Ayo Bamgbose (NNOM)

Professor Ayo Bamgbose, a Bachelor of Arts with honours of the University Of London and a holder of a Diploma and a Doctor of Philosophy in General Linguistics of the University of Edinburgh. While many of his contemporaries as Students trod the favorite tracks of Medicine and Law; he chose to study the little Known discipline of Linguistics. In this he has proved himself to be a scholar of Exceptional dimensions. He is indeed, the doyen of Nigerian, many African Linguistics; a committed teacher, a source of inspiration to all linguists in the Country to-day and the acknowledge mentor of the entire generation of linguists Coming after him.

Professor Ayo Bamgbose shot to the academic limelight with his treatise On a Study of Structures and Classes in the Grammar of Modem Yoruba which earned him the Ph.D. Degree of the University of Edinburgh in 1963.

Subsequently published as 'A Grammar of Yoruba in 1966 it instantly became a landmark not only in the scientific study of the grammar of Yoruba, but also in the development of the particular linguistic theory then being propagated by Michael Holliday in Britain. Thus propelled into the International arena of language disputations, Professor Ayo Bamgbose quickly rose to become the great authority on Yoruba grammar. He extended his interests to the literature of the language whilst at the same time keeping abreast with the rapid developments in linguistic theory. His work covers phonology, orthography, syntax of modem Yoruba. He has given to modem linguistics a number of original concepts such as "the assimilated low tone,” "verb - nominal collocation," "lexical matching," "the modifying serial construction,” all now part of the vocabulary of linguistic. It is undoubted true to say that since 1963 no one has published any thing of significance on Yoruba grammar without reference to and acknowledgement of Professor Ayo Bamgbose’s seminal works.

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