Dr. Alhaji. Muhammad Junaidu (NNOM)

Dr. Junaidu, born about seventy-five years ago, apart from being an erudite scholar, poet and philosopher, is a thinker, legal expert and well grounded in the practical affairs of men. Dr. Junaidu has written over thirty books. These books written in Arabic contain materials ranging from details of Sokoto history to expositions of Fulfude Grammar, commentaries on our agricultural and medical practices, the relevance of our national institutions, basic speculative philosophy, poetry, law reform and administration. As wazirin Sokoto, he is Chief Adviser to the Sultan being Head Councillor with special responsibility for legal and religious matters. This high post has turned out to be hereditary in that the Gidado family of which he is an illustrious member has provided viziers to the Sultans of Sokoto for the past 150 years. He is thus a worthy heir to a family tradition of erudition. 

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