Dr. Mohammed Lawan (NNOM)

DR. MOHAMMWD LAWAN, C.O.N., M.B.E., LL.D (ABU) was born in Gongolong, near Maiduguri. He was educated in Borno Provincial and Middle Schools and in Katsina Higher College and became one of the first graduates of the School of Agriculture, Samru, and Zaria in 1939. As an Agricultural Technical Assistant and later Assistant Agricultural Officer, the highest post attainable by an African at that time, he organized the cultivation and supply of fresh vegetables in Borno for the British and American air forces enroute to the Middle East. Towards the end of the war, he was producing 30 tons of lettuce, cabbages, carrots etc, a week foe the airmen.

Experience gained from study tours to Sudan, Egypt, Iraq and Palestine enable him to develop the calculation of irrigated crops and fruit trees in Borno Province. His schemes were reproduced in other Provinces of the former Northern Region with similar climatic conditions. This is a note-worthy contribution with great innovative and practical impact.

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