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NNMA Philosophy

The philosophy behind the establishment of Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) is that the sustained promotion of merit based on excellence holds the key to continuous innovations and inventions by the people, towards economic progress and for the advancement of humankind. In the Michael Young sense, "Merit is equated with intelligence-plus-effort", which requires to be constantly recognised and rewarded for the sustenance of the knowledge society. Thus Meritocracy, which is consistent with Egalitarianism, has thrived for many years in both  the ancient and  modern  societies as the critical driving force behind economic and social progress as well as peace and security of nations of the world. In this connection, NNMA is a value-driven agency of the Federal Government for identifying, recognising and rewarding citizens for their demonstrated ability to innovate and invent for progress of the country, and also for the promotion of excellence in the academic system towards that end.  The buzzwords of NNMA's values include: academic excellence, intellectual honesty, transparency, accountability and due process; to mention a few.

In Memoriam All Memoriam
Prof. Francis S. Idachaba (NNOM) 1943 - 2014

Prof. F S. Idachaba was born in Idah, Kogi State, Nigeria on 4th December, 1943. He had the B. Sc (Economics), University of Ibadan 1967; MA (...

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Prof. Chukwuedu Nwokolo (NNOM) 1921-2014

Chukwuedu Nathaniel II Nwokolo (19 April 1921 – 18 May 2014) was an internationally distinguished tropical diseases, nutrition, human, medical...

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Prof. J.F. Ade-Ajayi (NNOM) 1929-2014

He was born on May 26, 1929 in Ikole-Ekiti in today’s Ekiti State. His father was the postmaster in the town, hence his local nickname, &lsquo...

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