Call For Nomination - CALL FOR NOMINATION / APPLICATION FOR YEAR 2017 (click and read more to download form pdf)


The Governing Board of the Nigerian National Merit Award is currently soliciting nominations or applications for the award of the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) for the 2017 round. The deadline for nomination is exactly THREE MONTHS from the date of this announcement. Nominations are valid only for the year of nomination. However, candidates who have been previously nominated should state clearly additional work(s) done since they were last nominated or the new grounds for re-consideration of their nomination.

About NNMA

NNMA is a value driven quasi-academic agency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It was established by Act 53 of 1979 as amended by Act 96 of 1992 (CAP 122 LFN, 2004). The Mission statement for NNMA reads: "Committed to stimulating and rewarding, academic and professional excellence for national development of Nigeria".

The NNOM Award

i. The Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) is an "Order of Dignity" and distinct from the National Honours. It was instituted to accord proper and due recognition for outstanding intellectual and academic attainments and contributions to the general development of Nigeria. The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is required by law (NNMA Act Section 8) to confer the NNOM Award annually, on the recipient(s), on the first Thursday in the month of December. .The objective of the Award is to stimulate and reward excellence in Science, Engineering/Technology, Medicine, Humanities, Arts & Culture and other fields of human endeavour.

ii. A recipient of NNOM Award is entitled to:

i. use the designation Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM) after his/her name

ii.receive a Cash Prize, a certificate, a medal and

iii. such other privileges as are enjoyed by recipients of high levels of national awards and honours.


i. The Award is open to all citizens of Nigeria at home and abroad.

ii. Any Nigerian citizen of outstanding merit can be nominated by one or more Nigerian citizens. Any person may by himself/herself, where not sponsored by another person, apply to the Board for this purpose. Where two or more Nigerians are collaborating on any deserving undertaking, they can be similarly nominated for a joint Award.

Nomination/Application Procedure

i. Nominations shall be made strictly on the prescribed Nomination/Application format. Sponsors should provide brief information on themselves. Nomination/Application format may either be collected at the NNMA Secretariat or downloaded from the NNMA website, The format as advertised is also valid.

ii. Only one nomination/ aplication may be submitted according to the prescribed format

iii. In private consultation with the nominee, nomination/application shall be accompanied by:

a. The curriculum vitae of candidate (s)

b. A statement, preferably by the candidate, of between 250-500 words, specifying/defining and clearly illustrating in concrete       terms, NOT generalities, what the candidate considers his/her unique and meritorious contribution to knowledge in his/her

c. A list of not more than ten publications cited in the candidate's curriculum vitae, which he/she considers to buttress his/her claim to uniqueness and merit.

d. 3 portrait photographs of the candidate.

iv. All nominations and supporting documents must reach the Secretary of the Nigerian National Merit Award on or before the stipulated deadline. Any nomination or application including the specified requirements arriving later than this deadline will not be considered.

v. All supporting documents, including the nomination form should be sent in three (3) copies.

vi. Candidates with incomplete documents will not be considered.

vii. Neither the Governing Board nor any of its Specialized Committee of Assessors will entertain or enter into any                   correspondence with candidates or their sponsors regarding the processing or fate of any Nomination/Application.

viii. The Nomination/Application and supporting documents shall be addressed, sealed and delivered on or before 21st March, 2017 to:

The Secretary,

The Presidency,

Nigerian National Merit Award,

Merit House, No.22, Aguiyi Ironsi Street,

3rd Floor, Maitama, Abuja.




i. Selection will be made from a wide range of contemporary works which are innovative, creative, essentially Nigerian in content and of national and international distinction; such works should emphasize the uniqueness of the achievements to humanity generally and Nigerian society in particular.

ii. The achievements may constitute a specific breakthrough in any field or may be of a cumulative nature.

iii. The Award emphasizes distinct merit and upright morality, as this is the highest Merit Award in the Country.

iv. Nominators must not make public the names of nominees.

v. In order to preserve and enhance the credibility of the Award, the submissions of the prospective recipients are usually subjected to rigorous assessment by experts, known as Specialized Committee of Assessors in the following four core areas.

i. Science

ii. Medicine

iii. Engineering/Technology

iv. Humanities, Arts and Culture and other fields of human endeavour.

vi. When and where necessary, External Assessors are usually engaged from the national or international academic community.


I. Successful candidates will be notified about the outcomes of the process between October and November 2017, to be followed by an official public announcement latest two weeks from the date of Investiture.

ii. The investiture of NNOM Awardee(s) is personally conducted by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

iii. The Investiture holds back-to-back with the Annual Forum of Laureates of the Nigerian National Order of Merit (incorporating the last Award Winners' Lecture for the year).




Mr. Ibrahim Namadi

Actig Secretary, Nigerian National Merit Award

Date of Publication - 21st December, 2016

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