About NNMA - Mandate


Conduct the award of the NNMA for the promotion of intellectual and academic excellence among Nigerians;

Accord proper and due recognition to outstanding intellectual and academic attainments as well as contribution to the growth and development of the nation;

Manage the Nigerian National Merit Award Endowment Fund established by section 9 of the Act; and

Institute measures designed to promote intellectual and academic excellence among Nigerians for this purpose and shall liaise with academic, professional and research institutions in Nigeria. It is equally important to state that since its inception in 1979 to date, the NNMA has so far conferred the award on only seventy (70) distinguished Nigerians who have been adjudged to have made outstanding contributions to the academic, intellectual and professional development of Nigeria and the world at large. 



The Mission statement of the NNMA is an institution “Committed to Stimulating and Rewarding Intellectual, Academic and Professional Excellence for National Development in Nigeria”



It should be noted that, the NNMA is categorized by the National Incomes, Salaries and Wages Commission as a Federal Government Parastatals under “Category A”. Accordingly, and in order to achieve its tasks, the NNMA has been carefully structured into five organs as follows:-

i) The Governing Board;

ii) Four Specialized Committees of Assessors in Science, Engineering/Technology Medicine, Humanities, including Arts and Culture and other fields of human endeavour;

iii) The Committee of Chairmen of Specialized Committees;

iv) The NNMA Secretariat;

v) NNMA Policy Group

           Composition of the Governing Board of the NNMA  

As provided for, under section 3 (a)  of the Act establishing the NNMA, the Chairman and members of the Governing Board, shall be appointed by the president, Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigerian, for a term of 3 years in the first instance and may be re-appointed for a further term of 3 years and no more.

The Act provides for a minimum and maximum of eight members for the Governing Board of the NNMA, including the secretary to the Government of the federation or his representative. You may wish to note that apart from the SGF and the Chairman, the appointment of other members is usually based on Geopolitical Zones, with each zone having a member on the Board.

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